Why choose a Gunite Swimming pool?

Trying to determine the best type of pool can be confusing and information can be all over the place

Gunite pools are the most popular choice when putting in a home pool. This is because of the strength and longevity of a pool that is meant to last. Gunite is a concrete and sand mixture that is blown onto the walls of your pool covering the rebar cage that provides structural strength. The gunite crew then smoothes and carves out the walls, steps, benches and ledges in your pool. This is the rough structure of the pool that provides a strong base for the for the plaster layer, that will be applied once the gunite dries. It takes about two weeks for the gunite to properly cure. For more information read our article on watering the gunite after spraying.

Gunite Pools are the most durable, long lasting pools on the market. It also has a more distinguished look over other types of pools. Your beautiful gunite pool will garner lots of compliments from your friends. Another bonus of a gunite pool is that you can choose whatever shape you want. This is a great solution if you have a small or odd shaped yard which requires creative pool shape and placement. Or if you want a pool shape that is uniquely yours. Alternatively, with fiberglass pools, you only have a few shape options to choose from.

In the years of doing pools, the best compliments have always come from the elegance and strength of choosing a regular gunite pool for your yard. These pools also have fewer issues with the water table when installing into your yard.

Many coastal Mississippi towns have water tables that lean toward gunite pools. Here are a few coastal areas that have been known to have groundwater table issues for installing non-gunite pools.

  • Waveland – reports in sections of Waveland where the groundwater is as low as 24 inches below the ground. Hard to install fiberglass pool without extensive water pumping. Recommended for gunite
  • Bay St. Louis – reports in certain areas of the Bay of water as low as 22 inches below the ground. Hard to install fiberglass pool without extensive water pumping and dry weather.
  • Pass Christian – There are some areas of Pass Christian which are higher and installing fiberglass swimming pools can be done, but the quality will never match a gunite pool. There are other areas where the groundwater is really shallow where the pool is to be installed.

It is important to always call our office or fill out a form to schedule an appointment to discuss the right pool
for your budget, location and yard.

Concrete is used to build things that are meant to last. A concrete, with proper maintenance a Gunite swimming pool, is designed to last for years and years.