Rebar System For Pool

After the hole for the pool is dug out, the steel rebar will be installed. This process is standard with all concrete work. Think of this as the skeleton of your pool. It is designed to hold the concrete in place, hold the shape and prevent it from cracking.

The contractor will often use number 3 rebar and tie it all together in a grid pattern with metal wire. The tied together rebar is sometimes called “the cage”. This stage is also where the copper bonding wires will be installed. This may help to prevent electrocution in case of a lightning strike and bonds together all the pool and installed equipment.

Also, the plumbing (skimmers, bubblers, drains, lights, plugs, etc.) for your pool will be stubbed out. The last and maybe most important step of the rebar system is to have blocks placed under the steel rebar. This block holds the steel off of the dirt walls and also the ground a couple of inches which allows the gunite to be spayed all around it. The steel rebar must totally be encapsulated with the concrete or it will rust out and won’t be structurally sound. This is something your local swimming pool building inspector will look for.