Pool Construction Permitting and Permit Aspects

When permitting a swimming pool for construction, it is important to have a pool contractor that is familiar with the local building codes and the setback requirements in your area. Codes for setbacks, fence height, closing systems, and even square footage of pools can vary significantly from area to area.

Here are a few items that may come up in the permitting process:
It is common to need a single piece or parcel of property to build the pool in.

  • Many building codes in areas do not allow for pools to be installed and lots that do not contain a house.
  • Setbacks can vary from area to area
  • Fence building permits may be required to be pulled at the same time
  • Permit Fees can be built into the pool’s price

That is why you want to use a trusted swimming pool builder that can take care of the process of pulling the permit and walking you through having the pool designed and built. I’m more than pools we pride ourselves on having a great track record of seamless pool designs for our customers that have last of them for many years.

This is where Ken Harris’s lifetime of experience in building all types of swimming pools really shows off. he has dealt with so many different pool permitting and design issues over the years but very few things throw him off in this process. You can trust this experience Tim have your pool completed on time and on budget.