Pool Design

Pool Design is important and defines the layout of your yard. Taking the time to design a properly laid out pool which includes all the features that you wish to use in your yard is an important step at getting the project of your dreams going. As you design the pool, imagine yourself using it. How do you think you will spend most of your time in your new pool? Do you want to relax poolside? Will the children be jumping and diving? Do your teens want to play pool volleyball? Would you like to layout on a tanning ledge? There are many things to consider as you start the planning process for your backyard getaway.

Think about some of these features:

  • Tanning Ledge
  • Umbrella Holders
  • Shade
  • Landscaping
  • Hot Tub
  • In-Pool Seating
  • Pool Lighting
  • Shape of Pool
  • Pool Depth
  • Color of Plaster
  • Water Features – waterfalls, fountains, etc
  • Slide or Diving Board

Where should I put my pool?
When deciding the placement of your new pool, you should consider a few things. Are there electrical, plumbing or gas lines nearby? You should contact 811 and your local municipality to mark any lines. How’s the landscaping in your yard? If you have a small backyard, consider making the pool a shape that will complement your space. Keep in mind your local building codes as they can impact the placement of the pool. Don’t forget the placement of the pool’s pump and electrical system. This is best placed in an out of the way spot, possibly out of earshot.

How long will it take to build my pool?
An average pool build is 10 weeks. Starting the construction late in the year or at the beginning of the year will ensure you will be pool ready by summer time. Take into consideration weather delays and other unplanned hiccups in the project. Permitting and inspections can be a lengthy process as well.