Digging the Pool

Digging the hole for a swimming pool is one of the first steps in getting your new backyard oasis. The pool’s dig crew will come out and clearly mark the place where the pool will be installed. This area will often be outlined in White Lines from the previous step of calling 811 for a locate of utilities before the pool’s dig.

The crew will then set heights and widths and install form boards that will be used throughout the entire pool digging and building process. These boards will set the base elevation of the pool and also the edges of the pool. These form boards are usually installed approximately 2 feet larger than the interior dimensions of the pool. This is because the pool wall has a thickness of around 8 inches to 12 inches. The boards also the boards have a thickness that has to be compensated for when calculating the size of the pool.

Once the contractor has laid out the boards, the digging begins. The equipment makes fast the work of the Dig while other workers shave the sides to make sure that the depth and edges of the pool are correct. The digging of the swimming pool part of the process usually takes between 1 to 3 days to complete although weather can impact this significantly. Once the pool is completely dug and the hole is in the ground it’s time to move on to the rebar stage.